Jacuzzi Commercial Actresses Get Soaked!
Starring these models:
"Actresses get splashed with buckets of water while flubbing their lines!"

Jacuzzi Commercial Custom! Jayce (wearing dark denim skinny jeans, a thin pink button up blouse and black bra) keeps flubbing up her lines and getting splashed with buckets of water while Ariel (in a white polo shirt, gray cardigan and navy blue pleated skirt) tries to comfort her. After 4 buckets, the director tires of Jayce's incompetence and demands Ariel try to read the lines. She flubs the lines and gets splashed twice, finally reading the lines correctly with a big smile!

File count:1
Total size:104.55 MB
Total runtime:7 mins, 3 secs
Date added:3/10/16
Year produced:2016
Scene ID:17474

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104.55 MB
7.1 minutes
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* Promo refers only to Ariel and Jayce Drenched!'s scenes.

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